Utu Vacation Agreement

A-1: No. The combined road yard service areas are measured using the switching limits that exist at the time of agreement. Section 11 – This holiday contract is considered a separate agreement by and on behalf of each airline and its railway workers to be interpreted and, effective July 1, 1949, replace the single consolidated vacation contract of June 6, 1945, provided that this agreement is considered to represent the rights and obligations of the partners of this agreement and the workers of that company represented by the brotherhood of locomotive drivers and that this agreement workers represented by the brotherhood of locomotive drivers of this company s. Union. This will confirm our view that the criteria for qualifying leave in force at the time of this agreement continue to apply to workers represented by the organization who hold positions of professional presidents, local presidents and state legislative directors (“local officials”). In other words, the qualification changes described in Article V, Section 2, are not intended to revise the conditions for qualifying leave for these local officials. It is also considered that this exclusion is not intended to expand the total number of staff. (b) – from the date on which the “A” agreement of Section 21 – a) – leave cannot be accumulated or transferred from one year off to another – on the days of September 1950, 25 May 1950, 25 May 1951 or 23 May 1952 for a carrier. However, in order to prevent the worker from being lost at the end of the leave period, the number of days off can be reduced in one year at the employee`s request and adjusted the following year. In reference to the agreement signed on that date, between the employees represented by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Drivers, The Trade Union of Railway Workers, and the Union of Commutors of North America, and Carriers represented by the Eastern, Western and Southeastern Carriers Conference Committees, with respect to vacationers with payment: Section 3 – Holidays e.For, cannot be kept below two or more schedules of different organizations on the same airline to offer vacations more than the maximum number of days provided in one of these calendars. There is no provision in this section 1 to impose restrictions on all measures that were not restricted prior to the date of this agreement. (d) This Section 2 enters into force, unless an air carrier decides to maintain existing rules or practices by notifying delegated staff representatives within 15 days of the date of this agreement.

A-3: Article V of Manning`s agreement of July 19, 1972 would only apply when the conductor established seniority as a firefighter, after which he would be subject to such an agreement.

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