Sudan Protests Cancel Marches In Wake Of Agreement

Not My Presidents Day was a series of anti-Trump protests in the United States on February 20, 2017, along with the anniversary of Washington, the U.S. holiday, also known as Presidents` Day. [190] [191] [192] [192] Protest organizers said that Trump was literally the president, but that they wanted to show that he did not stand up for their values. [194] [195] The organizers also said that they had chosen to meet for the presidency to honor past presidents by making use of their right to assemble and protest peacefully. [196] The three-year transitional regime agreed last August between the generals and the opposition for Freedom and Change (FFC) was a compromise after eight months of protests that killed more than 200 people by security forces. However, rebel groups have called the long-awaited agreement a “betrayal of the revolution,” which led in April to the military overthrow of autocratic President al-Bashir amid national protests against his nearly three-decade rule. The country had been disconnected for more than a month in early June following military action against a protest camp in the capital Khartoum. On June 3, nationwide protests for the March for Truth called for a fair and impartial investigation into Russia`s participation and collusion in the 2016 presidential elections and any ties to U.S. citizens.

The marches also called on Donald Trump to release his tax returns for a more transparent understanding of his assets abroad. [233] [234] “Protesters warn the military junta against suspending talks”: authorities also restricted access to popular social media sites during the 16-week protests against veteran leader Omar al-Bashir earlier this year. Bashir was finally deposed on April 11. The FDFC has abandoned the marches already announced next week to mark the 40th anniversary of a deadly beak of its sit-in-sit-in protest outside the army headquarters on June 3. Transitional talks between the junta that impeached Bashir and the protest leaders failed to reach an agreement at the Level of the Governing Council on a three-year transition, the legislative component of which was agreed. Relations between the Military Council, which brought down Bashir in a coup, and the opposition alliance Forces for Freedom and Change collapsed when security forces killed dozens of people while clearing a sit-in on June 3. But following massive protests against the army, African mediators negotiated a return to direct talks, leading to the agreement.

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