Victorian Public Health Sector Medical Specialists Enterprise Agreement 2018

One of our objectives was intergovernmental parity. Current agreements between states have 2% – 2.5% PA wage increases and relatively few changes in employment conditions. This package better positions Victoria in terms of wages and interstate conditions. The VHIA, which represents the health services, also agreed to clarify the issue with respect to when a physician becomes a specialist for classification purposes. It was agreed that the AMA/ASMOF position was correct and that a specialist should be classified in the first year following receipt of the AHPRA registration. The second classification issue is also resolved, as all physicians who are on leave – paid or not – are still progressing through classifications. The parties to the negotiations agreed on the following principles, which were forwarded to the health services, as well as a comprehensive list of scenarios and examples: the first hearing of the AMA/ASMOF Victoria compendium dispute took place on Thursday 5 September at the Fair Labour Commission (FWC). This hearing provided an opportunity for the parties to present their respective positions on the dispute. The Victorian Hospitals` Industrial Association (VHIA) told the Commissioner that it did not believe that WADA/ASMOF had exhausted all the possibilities offered by the litigation procedure in the agreement and that, therefore, the Commission should not be able to resolve most of the issues raised in the dispute. WADA/ASMOF Victoria disagrees and believes that we have complied with the requirements in litigation proceedings.

If a full-time medical specialist working in a public hospital or health service also holds a group appointment at another hospital or public health service, the physician may receive a bonus of registration from any hospital or public health service based on the doctor`s contractual periods with each employer. It goes without saying that such a doctor will receive registration payments of more than 3,500 $US. As soon as the new agreements come into force, public hospitals and health services will have to ensure that the 3% increase in salaries is applied from the first full pay period from 1 January 2018 to the same “basic amounts” for which the 6% increase in the “additional adjustment of the wage scale” has been applied to wages. The combination of these two increases should be not to increase the base amounts by more than 9% – that is, the two increases do not get worse. In the meantime, all Victorian physicians in training are currently invited to participate in the Health Check 2019 exam. The information provided enables AMA Victoria to work with health services and the government to demand specific changes in working conditions and hospital culture. Does the agreement apply to medical staff at all public hospitals in Victoria? 43 Article 56 – Leave Clause Significant Changes: Clarity of Physicians` Rights on Their Day off; Additional provisions for the replacement of public holidays by clinical academics at Austin Health; The health of Melbourne; Northern Hospital; Western health. The likelihood of the agreement being reached at this stage is low. This can only be done if the majority of doctors who vote against it in a given hospital vote against it. You have to vote yes to make sure that doesn`t happen.

Although we felt that all issues should have been negotiated at the hearing on 29 October, we agreed on a conciliation day on 21 November. At this meeting, we will try to negotiate a solution to the problems related to clinical support time and medical training and discuss a pathway for other issues.

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