Transfer Agreement Gcu

Add AP, CLEP, DSST, ECE, IB and UExcel exams to see how they can be transferred to Grand Canyon University for credits. Note: The information shown here may change. Students are strongly advised to check the information with the institution to which they wish to transfer. Ready to finish your degree? GCU can help you on your way. The transition from Maricopa colleges to the GCU will be an easy process. Our qualified admissions counsellors can evaluate your transcripts and conduct a course evaluation within 24 hours. At GCU, you will continue to have personal contact with faculty experts and benefit from a learning community that will involve students to achieve their personal performance. If you finish classes at one of the maricopa colleges, you are ready to switch to one of the more than 100 degree programs available at GCU. With studies in economics, education, free arts, nursing, health sciences and visual arts and production. There are no transfer guides for the current academic year at this Add Coursework institution that you have taken to other colleges or universities to see how they can be transferred to the University of the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon University can accept transfer students like you. From there, you can see how your courses can be transferred to the University of the Grand Canyon, saving you time and money by earning your degree faster.

Add courses you`ve taken at other institutions and other information about evaluation providers, such as AP exams, to see how to transfer your course work. Contact the university for a full list of majors and study options. This reflects the latest information from our academic partners. Annual costs are based on the status of Az residents. Costs may vary depending on the delivery program and format and do not include institutional fees and manuals. The Higher Learning Commission accredits the University of the Grand Canyon.

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