Ffl Llc Operating Agreement

This Contract begins with your use, access or receipt of the Software and/or Service and continues during this use, access or reception, unless it has previously been terminated by Orchid Advisors. We may terminate this contract immediately and suspend or remove all or part of your access to the Software and/or Service, without prior notice, in the event of a violation or threat of violation of part of this Contract by you or as we can see at our sole discretion. All fees you pay at check-in are not refundable if this contract or your access to the Software or Service is broken due to your violation of this Agreement. Any other agreements you may enter into with Orchid Advisors regarding the software and/or service may include additional conditions regarding any aspect of the software and/or service and your relationship with Orchid Advisors, including the duration and cessation of use of the software and/or service. After termination, the customer agrees to remove all software from its systems within 30 days. Please read the terms and conditions below that govern your use of the Software and all electronic services provided when connecting to websites (service) owned and operated by Orchid Advisors and their partners, unless you have pre-registered for the use of the software and/or service or have entered into a separate agreement with Orchid Advisors. If you have not registered for the use of this software or service or if you have entered into a separate agreement with Orchid Advisors, you are considered a test user in accordance with this agreement. If you have registered a separate agreement with Orchid Advisors (customer agreement) or if you have entered into a separate agreement, you are considered a customer and you must also respect the terms of a separate customer agreement and the terms of that agreement. You agree that this agreement, together with an applicable customer agreement, is the full agreement between you and us, regulates your use of the software/service (but excludes any software or service that we can provide to you under a separate written agreement) and replaces all prior and simultaneous agreements regarding the provision of software/service.

Without restricting the universality of the above, in the event that a company of which you are an employee enters into a service contract with us that essentially resembles Software and/or Services, the terms of that agreement apply in the event of a conflict between that agreement and the terms of that enterprise agreement. Jason brings his experience as a senior export defense analyst to the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) in companies that wish to use or use ITAR export agreements (TAC, MLAs, WDAs) to conduct ITAR-controlled activities with non-U.S. companies. Partner. At DDTC, Jason reviewed, evaluated and advised industry and government stakeholders on more than 1,500 defence export applications and bids worth more than $42 billion.

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