Beau Geuste ISAF Sea Survival Training

Hi Al. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course, I learnt a massive amount. Most importantly I thought all the stuff we did in the pool was really good like using your gear as a floatation device, as a result of that, there where very few times I left the companionway without my life jacket on, tether attached. I know my gear well now, so well I even managed to inflate my life jacket while taking a nature stop off the back of the boat.

Thanks Guy.

You ran an excellent course.
Dave and I both commented on how ‘real’ it was. It would have been an eye opener for a lot of people.
It’s still bloody scary how many people go to sea for days on end, that don’t know their boat, their gear and their team mates.
I think we’ve just been bloody lucky that there haven’t been more yachts lost.
Phil Jameson.
Thanks Alan, course was well worth it. I will be recommending it to others.
Thanks again.