Advanced Sea Survival Course

Dear Al,

Thank you so much for taking me through the advance sea survival course.

I still think the pool is up there with one of the most scary things I have ever had to push myself to do in my whole life and hope in a way that I never have to use the skills that you showed us this morning but I am glad that I did it and would appreciate if you can investigate into where I grab one of those black life jackets from and a 3 clip boat line too.

I think you really stepped up to the mark in my opinion and are very knowledgeable in your field. if you ever need a testimonial or if a chick/blokie ever wants reassurance regarding you and the course I would definitely recommend you as the best in the field, You professionalism and encouragement to complete the course blew me away.

Thanks a mil again and look forward to hearing as to where I can pick up one of those sexy black number life jackets.

Al and Brett did not mean to shoot off without saying goodbye assumed you were both following me to the carpark, obviously not.

Brett I think you and Brendon should do Kawau stuff the pizza over till next weekend or take a day off in the week and get it done then.